Recombined Forces

Instrumentation: Large Orchestra harp 3perc strings



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Recombined Forces for full orchestra, provides contrast by changing the inner divisions of the whole. These divisions include the gradual separation of the orchestra into different choirs, evolving rhythmic and contrapuntal roles, and the harmonic reordering of one central recurring chord into smaller chords with contrasting characters. The idea of recombination is both highly musical and conceptually relevant to work in other fields. In music, the idea of grouping and regrouping the forces of the orchestra is an idea that has captivated composers of the past and present. In biology, genetic recombination helps to promote genetic variety in a population. Any scholarly contribution is at least partially a re-organization and re-assembly from previous papers in the form of citations. Lastly, in a consumer-driven society, the idea of re-using rather than throwing out goods and buying new ones is an important concept. The piece reveals how subtle changes in organization can lead to vastly different results.